Monthly Archives: February 2010

Federal Reserve Raises the Discount Rate by 0.25%

The Federqal Reserve decided to raise the Discount Rate from 0.5% to 0.75% last week.  The increase took effect today Monday February 22, 2010.  The Discount Rate is the rate the federal reserve charges bank to borrower money from the Federal Reserve.  The Feds said they were keeping the Federal Funds Rate unchanged at nearContinue Reading

Can you get a Delaware Mortgage if you own more than 4 properties?

Most lenders right now will cap the maximum number of financed properties at 4.  But Fannie Mae recently relaxed there guidelines to 10 properties total.  Problem is most lenders still have the cap at 4.  Can you get a loan if you have more than 4?  The answer is yes, but there are some toughContinue Reading

Delaware House Hunters deterred by Second Storm of 2010

Delaware home buyers have been kept inside searching on their computers after a second snow storm paralyzes the state.  Snow began to fall shortly after 6:30 PM on Tuesday and kept going all through the day on Wednesday. State offices were closed today February 10th and state of emergency is in effect and will beContinue Reading